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Comprehensive Childbirth Education


This class is perfect for a first time parents, if you’re preparing for a VBAC or you’re choosing between an OB or midwife. It covers EVERYTHING! This 10-week class comes with a wonderful, 160-page “field manual”.

The Comprehensive series covers everything you and your partner need to know about birth, baby, and breastfeeding. We focus not only on preparing physically for labor, but also preparing mentally and emotionally. Topics include nutrition, exercise, stages of labor, building your birth team, questions to ask your care provider, variations of labor, birth plans, newborn procedures, parenting a newborn, and much more.

We also emphasize your partner’s role and give them tips, tricks, and tools to help support you during the labor and birth process. You will finish this class feeling excited, confident, and ready for your birth and baby! This has been my most popular series.

Includes complementary free access to The Birth Boot Camp Breastfeeding Class.