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Detox Your Life

Start Date:July 23, 2019
Time:6:30 - 8:30pm

Are you looking to reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins you and your family are exposed to? Well this is the seminar for you! We have 3 exciting speakers, samples, snacks, a make & take and more! You will learn how to swap out some popular (more toxic) products, which you may be using daily, for healthier ones.

Dr. Sandy Rebrovich will go over the body’s natural detoxification systems and how they can get overrun and bogged down by exposure to things in our environment, by what we ingest and by what we put on our skin. She’ll discuss foods and supplements that can support proper function.

Patti Rebrovich will be sharing healthy cleaning alternatives using Young Living Essential Oils. You can feel good knowing these cleaning products are safe for pets & children AND they are very effective. She will have a make & take project that you’ll be able to use as soon as you get home.

Mandi Opdahl will be sharing skincare and makeup products from Beauty Counter. They have extremely high standards and work hard in the pursuit of clean beauty. Did you know US government bans only 30 compounds in cosmetics? Beauty Counter has a list of 1500 questionable ingredients that they NEVER
use in their products.

This event is FREE. You just need to RSVP. We hope you can join us!