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Through the Years…

Wow, 20 years! We’ve had a great time celebrating this month and looking back on our first 20 years in practice. It has been our absolute privilege to serve so many families in the Elk River Community. Thank you! We thought a perfect way to finish off this month would be to share a wonderful testimonial from a family who’s been there since the very beginning. Thank again, and we can’t wait to see what the next 20 years brings!!

“I started seeing Dr. Sandy, and getting to know Dr. Jeremy, 20 years ago, when they began their practice. When I became a patient, it was to help maintain, degenerative disc disease in my lower back. Little did I know how much more chiropractic could help me, outside of just realigning my bones. It’s about keeping myself aligned and my nervous system flowing to its highest potential! All of this helps my body and my immune system function at its highest peak! It’s some nerdy stuff, but it’s SO interesting and makes SO much sense! 

Along the way, I celebrated their marriage, and mine (they celebrated with us!) And then my husband joined the chiropractic family. Dr. Sandy & Dr. Jeremy got their first dog, started a family of their own, and my husband and I got to be a part of it all. We started our family over the years as well, and I have learned so much more about chiropractic and natural/homeopathic medicine and how to maintain our lives with natural medicine and clean living. We are more mindful of how we take care of ourselves. More in tune with our bodies. 

I learned and gained all the confidence and knowledge in natural birth from Dr. Sandy. It’s amazing how confident you can be when you have someone you trust helping you learn the natural ways of childbearing. It really helped me and my family, so much. Our boys have been seeing Dr. Sandy since week one of their lives. They love going and definitely have a special relationship with her. 

This family means so much to us all. They truly love what they do! We are truly grateful for everything they’ve ever done for us over these past 20 years, can’t believe it’s actually been that long too! We also look forward to the next 20! There’s still so much to learn and maintain and I can’t imagine doing any of that without them.”  ~ Julia H.